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Originally Posted by sheepsour View Post
Thank you for your input! Would you mind giving me a link to the sources you use? All the research I have done says a single D. auratus would be fine in the floorspace that is provided in my setup. I don't know yet whether I'll be getting the crabs instead of a frog, or putting them together, but I know people do keep them together. I think maybe you don't know what a vampire crab is?

If you'll take a moment to read my initial post, I did say that while I have not had a frog, I have had exotic animals such as spiders and scorpions. I have plenty of experience raising live food, including fruit flies.
From my understanding only the "root" and waterfall would be terrestrial? That is hardly enough floorspace for a dart. Also, darts do not benefit at all from water. They can drown because they do not understand that they cannot swim through glass. However, if I am mistaken, hypothetically it could work. You need at least 10 gallons per frog of usable space, or else you will never see your frog and it will be stressed.

As for the crabs, yes I know what they are, but I have heard horror stories about the frogs getting stressed to death/forced to drown in similar setups. Better use them then fiddler crabs, though .

But yes, I realize that I came off as a bit rude, and I apologize for that. I just want to make sure that the animals are happy.
And though you may know how to culture fruit flies, are you willing to get REALLY good at it? One dart can eat far more in a day then several thousand slings can in a week in that setup, as many flies would drown in the water feature.

About the plant suggestion, I would stay away from ferns, as dwarf in ferns is relative, as if ferns are happy, they can outgrow many background plants (especially in a 10 gallon). There are some that would work, however.

Also, for a ten gallon tiny tears > baby tears. Gives a better sense of scale.

Hope it helps.
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