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Hey Wendy, do whatever's gonna make ya happier with it in the long run... Maybe just a bit of a break would be good. My fiance keeps rats, and at one point was up to three cages! She is now down to three rats in one larger cage, and has said she's taking a break for a while after these ones pass one, not cause she doesn't love rats, but because the maintenance was getting the better of her.

On the other hand, I am setting my tank up, and plan to devise a water change that should be bucketless and dripless... IDK how well it will work just yet, but I suspect it will work, and make me less likely to tire of the husbandry required by an aquarium. If you'd be interested in the idea to maybe just lighten your load a bit, I'm happy to share my idea.

Whatever you decide, give yourself time to make sure it's the right choice for ya!

Best of luck!
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