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Originally Posted by DaveMcKenz View Post
Hi Wendy,
It's none of my business but you sound kind of down or depressed even. With 2700 posts, this is not a new toy that has lost its shine. I suspect something else is changing your outlook on aquaristics and maybe other things. That would fall under the category of hopefully just a phase. If I am wrong, I'm sorry. If I'm right, please talk to someone about your problems, whatever they may be. I wish you only the best and please take care.
Good luck,
Nah, I'm alright. I've had this tank up for about 5 years now - maybe 6 (can't remember). I truly am just sick of messing with it. Dragging the big Python out, dripping water and duckweed and snails all over the floor. It's just becoming a drag. Like I said I'd still keep my 5g betta tanks, and I'd miss seeing the tank cause it's a lovely jungle. But I'm just tired of it.

I dunno what I'll do. Probably nothing. One school of fish was given to me by a friend and they are some type of rasbora that's not sold in chain stores, and I've had them 2 or 3 years now so as they are dying off I'm not replacing them. So maybe as the bio load gets lighter I can lengthen the time between water changes to every 2 weeks.
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