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here is the latest pic. i started adding a fertilizer and have been seeing some incredible growth. i cant name the fertilizer, so dont ask. if you already know what it is, please refer to it only as "MF1". im just letting everyone know that the progress from here on out, until i stop adding the "mystery fert 1"(ill call it MF1) is not from the substrate alone.

the rotala on the left has been chopped off several inches below the surface. it is what you see slightly left of the middle, on the driftwood. i wrapped a rubber band around it and will be letting it grow in the tank until i send it to a friend of mine, along with the cluster of ludwigia glandulosa stems just beneath it, and the small cluster of the native red ludwigia palustris that i collected in north carolina. the last one is located on the right side of the tank. i have been trimming the glandulosa quite aggressively lately, as it has been growing extremely fast for me. in a few days the stems in the back will have reached the surface again and i will have to trim them.

the hybrid ludwigia is growing extremely fast. the small cluster on the front of the tank are the stems i kept back that were blooming. also part of the package ill be sending out soon. it is still there in the back, but i trimmed it quite a bit.

it wont be very long before the cabomba furcata is being trimmed as well. when it was introduced, it was already half melted. its picking up quite well now.

i apologize for the low quality, i smashed my smart phone while in the throws of a cluster headache. i have another one coming soon.
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