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Originally Posted by PlantedTankLover View Post
Definitely don't have room for koi. I've seen lots of pre fab ponds at the hardware store, but would like something that can stay on my deck since we have foxes in the area. Thats why I was thinking of small fish like mollies or platties or guppies. Just want something "natural" looking with lots of plants. Spring is not for a while so have lots of time to do more reading.
I've done guppies in a kiddie pond on my deck under an awning with no filtration other than an airstone and lots of floating plants. It worked out pretty well and can't wait until this spring to try some other types of small fish and plants. I threw in a 200 watt heater near the end of the summer to get a few more weeks out of them. Brought them in around late September. I have a koi pond for 19 years and they are great, but this was a really cool, fun project for my kids and I.
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