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So I just wanted to see if I'm moving forward or not with rescaping this tank a little.

I found this pretty sweet piece of driftwood. And I took out the Jungle Val as I didn't feel like it flowed right and enjoy the Rotala Indica a lot in the background.

They say supposedly it's good to have a, "plan." Well what I'm thinking is, using Rotala Indica in the backround and letting it just grow wild all the way to the top, lots of Ludwigia, probably repens in the midground, a patch of crypts over on the right by the driftwood, and a carpet in front possibly of dwarf sag.

I have Anubias congensis on the driftwood there... but I'm not really digging it.... Might just try regular Anubias nana, or java moss. moss might be better because I'm planning on making this into a cherry shrimp tank with them and some other snails probably being the only inhabitants.

I'm planning on also switching out that bulky Fluval U4 filter and buying a good canister filter, as well.

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