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i dont have any pictures at the moment, but i have basically just let the algae take over. as it turns out, the hair algae is amazing at raising young fish. i dont even have to feed them until they are large enough to eat grindal worms, and the single ten gallon is able to support at least a hundred fry until then. its not exactly pretty anymore, since maintaining a nice appearance requires constant trimming, but for its current use, i have not encountered anything better. in 90 days i saw lucania parva and lucania goodie go from egg to sub adults showing color. some of them were already showing spawning behavior.

currently i have a small colony of gulf coast pigmy sunfish in the tank. the tank i moved them from has fry in it, and in a month i will drain the original tank, catch the fry, and move the adults back into it. the fry will go into the algae tank to join any fry that hatch out while the adults enjoy their short stay.
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