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Well, I couldn't resist taking one last image using my old Canon A630 camera (getting a DSLR soon so expect better quality shots in the near future).

As stated in the previous post:

Anubias nana petite
Fissidens fontanous

Olive Nerite
CPO (should have him by the end of this week)
Amano shrimp (should come with the CPO)

Petrified Wood
Aquasoil Amazonia II Powder
Coralife 18w fixture with one 9w bulb running (10K)
Red Sea Nano filter
Cheap Petco/Petsmart 2.5G tank
A piece of black construction paper for the background

Total cost, excluding the CPO and Amano shrimp: $0

I didn't realize this until I filled the tank, but the scape is very similar to my last 10G scape. That's a good thing as I enjoyed that scape besides the constantly cloudy water.

I stole this Fissidens from my Mini M but ran out of slate to glue the plant to, so the foreground is only 50% done.


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