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water change suggestions?

Hello, I've been having trouble with brown and black algae growing all over my plants since my tank was about 3 months old. It's now about a year and having to disrupt my fish to scrub stuff off is starting to get old,lol.

For starters, here are some parameters and specs:
20 gallon tall
home made canopy with 40 watts total t8 grow bulbs from Lowe's (yes I'm on a budget) on for 8 hrs daily via kitchen timer
I keep the water at 72 f
high iron substrate, and gravel mixed
ph stays around 7
low nitrates an nitrites (almost undetectable)
soft water, and alkalinity @80 (moderate as per a test kit from petsmart)
40 percent weekly water changes and finally diy co2.
No ferts.

The tank is stocked with 3 black khulie loaches, 3 red minor tetras, 5 white clouds and 15 ghost shrimp, although the addition of the shrimp and the loaches was just last week.

I also have 2 very healthy annubias nano, a tiger lotus which is starting to take off as of last week, 2 healthy aponogentons and just added for the second time anacharis. The first batch melted except for the tiny frail looking new growth. (witch could be a clue rite?)

I suspect the 30% weekly water changes are causing a ph swing triggering my algae problems, but I'm not home during the week to do the preferred 10% every day.

Any how, I hope I gave enough info here, The fish are healthy and active so I'm not too worried but this algae is becoming a real pain.

Any ideas are appreciated!
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