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Hi, all!

I just moved to SE Michigan, but I have been keeping a few planted tanks for about 6 years.

I'm looking for anybody local who keeps Rainbowfish, especially specimins with good genetics that aren't the common stuff the wholesalers have. I would like to get some juveniles or eggs to try raising a few more species.

Right now I have 3 Melanotaenia Splendida and 7 Melanotaenia Herbertaxelrodi.

If there's anybody local who can hook me up, that'd be awesome. If I get the M. Herbertaxelrodi to spawn, I could trade those. I doubt anybody wants any Splendids.

When it gets into late spring and the air is warmer, I may look into getting some eggs from out of state by mail, but I'd rather start up some new tanks with some new species now if I can.
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