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I had the worms in the fall of last year. Golden Wonder Killifish had stopped eating and noticed a while later red worms coming from the vent.

Charles got me the levamisol in very good time. First dose went well and I lost no fish. Re-dosed later as supposed to, lost the killi and 5 neons in a matter of an hour or so. All the other fish seemed to take it a lot harder than the first dose.

I'm assuming they are gone, altho last week I lost a sunset honey gourami out of the blue. Water parameters all in check. The gourami had not been eating any fish food since the last dose, nearly 4 months. Never saw the clear/stringy poo that I have heard can be related to the worms. Don't think it was related to the worms but it has me a little worried. Maybe it was just his/her time to go.
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