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So, a lot has happened since November. The plants are all growing. I completely reattached the flame moss using some thread. The dwarf sag is growing, but as slow as a pensioner. The Staurogyne is also growing at this rate but has lots all but the top leaves. The moss is doing well too. The anubias and the vallisneria is growing well. There is a slight comeback of the black beard algae which is the death of me but I'm keeping most of it a bay with EasyCarbo.

Also, almost forgot. A few major updates.

- I now have four lovely young angelfish which I'm hoping to breed (maybe)
- The neon tetras are in a different tank as I'm giving them back to the shop
- There's only four black phantoms now instead of 6. (2 died)

Since the Angelfish introduction, my Bolivian ram is all coloured up 24/7 which is nice. I'm wondering if it's just the fact that I'm feeding 3-4 times a day to help the angelfish grow or its just comfortable. I was planning on getting one or two more bolivian rams (females) like I had before to see if they will breed but I think I'll wait until the Angelfish get bigger to see if that will work.

I'll post some pictures. Pics of the orange marbled and black angelfish soon
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