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Originally Posted by danielt View Post
Light has less to do with algae than ammonia levels. Good filtration means less ammonia regardless of how much and often you feed.

I'm over filtering my shrimp tank and the only algae that still lingers is GSA on the front glass. I do have Amanos and enough shrimp to make almost any algae invisible.

My light is at >1W/L, 2XT5 24W for 10 hours over a 40L tank with one lamp being an 8.000K and one 4.000K.

Another small 10L tank has a 23W 1400lm bulb over it and contains only a small colony of snails and it got some weak staghorn that i removed with tweezers. This tank is my experimental one and I overfeed on purpose. The filter is an Eheim Ecco Pro 130 designed for 130L tanks.
Check out how much this guy over filters and he has the same algae on the side walls.
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