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Let me throw some facts out there about my water parameters before assumptions are made. First off, I have zero ammonia in this tank. I religiously change 10% of the water once a week and I have 3 filters on this 20 gallon along with two air stones. I am probably over filtering by x5, especially since I have purigen bags in each hang on filter. Shrimp in this tank are Taiwan Bees, PRL Ebiten, Crystal White, CRS, CBS, Snow White and Goldens. At the moment I have 10+ berried females with tons of babies all over the place. I doubt any of my shrimp would be breeding if I had crazy ammonia levels. I also never have shrimp deaths. Not too long ago I was actually worried that my water was too clean for the shrimp due to all the filters and weekly water changes.

Some time ago I used to get other algaes if I left the light on too long but ever since switching to ADA Africana and Amazonia I only get it on the glass. Not sure what type of algae it is but it scrapes of VERY easily and it's not the baked on stuff. I am thinking that it has to do with the fact that my PH is around 5.6 and the water is super oxygenated (2 hang on filters, two sponges and two air stones). Tank has a good amount of plants as well.

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Hi Kamil! Really enjoy these images. I could only dreamed of having tanks like that back when. If I left my lights on more than 10 hours hair algae would form. So what is the secret to lots of lighting and no algae. I assume its lots of low light and far from the water surface?

About how many hours per day you would leave the light on, is it one period of extended lighting to broken down to a couple cycles of about 4-6 hours each? How long did it take to get from fresh clear glass to that thick in algae?
Hey My. I generally keep the lights on from 6pm to 11pm and every 3 days I'll let it run from 6pm to 6am (overnight). Saturday/Sunday the light is on for another 10 hours each day. I am actually very surprised that I am able to grow this on the glass like this without getting algae anywhere else. My substrate, rocks, driftwood and plants have nothing on them. The front glass usually develops some algae but I scrape it off once a week. I've never tried to harvest algae before so not sure what actually goes into it but the walls are generally covered with baby shrimp which is always a nice sight.

I have these 21 inch bulbs in my T5 dual bulb system.
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