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Rescaping Crypts

I know this sounds elementary but what is the proper way to prune and manage Cryptocoryne. I've neglected my tank for a while and now all the roots are tangles and intertwined, I pull out a bit and it get a lot more then i asked for. How do i trim without ripping out half the plant.

Attached is a current picture, (90Gal 4ft) I really want to have a lot more free swimming space on the left hand side, with an anubis jungle on the right. Its hard to see in the picture but there is a lot of Java Fern on driftwood that is getting lost in the cryps. I would love to clean up that front jungle in the center of the tank as well, its a mess of like three or four types of plants.

Also is there a way to rid a tank of Java Moss? The stuff can reproduce from one strand! I do find that it is great for young Java Fern drifters, I let them get tangled in and in a few weeks pull em out at a nice size and properly tie em somewhere. But its not worth it when it takes over the tank.

Please! I would love to hear any advice.

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