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Originally Posted by hedge_fund View Post
When I first started with shrimp I used to keep all my glass clean just for aesthetic reasons but now I leave it alone....the only glass that gets cleaned is the front. I also leave the lights on longer so algae grows. For some reason I am not getting algae anywhere but the glass which is perfect since the shrimp are constantly picking at it. My moss is growing perfectly as well.

I highly encourage you to leave the glass alone and let the algae / biofilm develop since it's very beneficial to the shrimp.
Hi Kamil! Really enjoy these images. I could only dreamed of having tanks like that back when. If I left my lights on more than 10 hours hair algae would form. So what is the secret to lots of lighting and no algae. I assume its lots of low light and far from the water surface?

About how many hours per day you would leave the light on, is it one period of extended lighting to broken down to a couple cycles of about 4-6 hours each? How long did it take to get from fresh clear glass to that thick in algae?

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