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New 40g lightly planted Goldfish tank

Hay everyone just a small up date
I done a rescape today I took out all of the wood and have replaced it with smooth river rocks in the mid stacked up(think cichlids) and have planted the 3 swords and Val's in the back and put the J.fern at the front, Iv started dosing with excel at half the recommended amount and made a spray bar for the filter outlet so there is current all around the tank now not just one direction

All plants had really nice growth in the roots and and I could see new leaves coming in, there been in there since the 24/01 so slow and steady I suppose haha
Sorry about the wires and equipment I'm going to save and get a nice canister with inline heater and have to figure out a way to get to the back at get all the cords running down the back seam to hide them but anyways a couple pics
Click image for larger version

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Crappy murky pic of the "garden" haha
Click image for larger version

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Still not overly happy but it's getting there, the placment of the rocks is bugging me alittle so that will be changing a lot haha I just wanted to make it abit safer for the Goldie's while some more products are acquired and the plants grow up some more

Thanks for looking in and criticisms, good and bad are welcome
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