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We are all up and running. The swap went without a hitch. I had about 75,000 endlers in the tank, and with my wife being home while I was tearing down the 36g, she made me make sure I had EVERY one of the little baby endlers packed and ready to go to the LFS. Man what a pain in the rear lol those little guys are smart!!

There is some shade on the back stems, hopefully not enough to cause growth problems, if it ends up that way. I will get another smaller light just to hit the stems. I have the light hanging in a way that it is angled back to the back of the tank, so there is very little light spillage and hopefully it will cause the stems as they are growing to tip the crowns towards the front of the tank. Well... On with the pics. The plants in there are not the only plants, I still plan on getting a few more to fill out my mid ground and then a carpet of some kind for the front. I might do hair grass, or possibly micro swords. not sure yet.

I no longer have the Iphone, so the pictures are actually better lol They were all taken on my new Lumia 920 (windows phone)

half way there (rainbows and a couple very old holdovers are safe in a 10g for now)

Trash!! by the time I pulled all the plants, I had (2)gallon zip lock bags of stems, stem pieces, crap from the tank lol

on the way to the LFS with the thousands of endlers

Setup begins,

Grabbed some Crypt. Parva while I was at the LFS, this was one of my planned plants.

Various crypts hugging the wood


Now that it is setup, I am going to blast it with co2, fertilize the heck out of it then get the sucker cycled. I have some quick cycle from dr.tims that I have heard good things about. Hopefully the combo of it and a cocktail shrimp will get the cycle going in good speed. Once that is all up and going, I save for the M.Nigrans or M.Pygmea and contact my source, I will add another male/Female M.Herbertaxelrodi and look for a good bottom fish, and another sall fish (possibly a fairly large group of clown killi's) Not sure yet, any suggestions?
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