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SO glad you asked lol!
My kids think I am nuts

Blood Parrot Cichlid - Bubbles
3 Giant Danios - Zena, Zeus, and Polly
Blue Gourami - Jack (his mate died, she was Diane)
Albino Catfish - Whitey
Oto- Oto

Blue Betta- Harold (he reminds me of an "old guy")

My 2 year old named these:
Yellow Cichlid - Banana
Orange Cichlid - Orangie
Zebra Striped Ciclid - Stripe

We have 6 new mollies, a snail, and 3 more oto's to name, I might just call them the 2 live crew, and not name any of them, aside from my daughters snail who she calls "Smelly" for the time being. The betta, Harold, runs that tank now- it's my 55g planted.

Funny stuff!

Taking life one day at a time
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