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Hmm, it has been awhile since I gave a worthwhile update on this tank. If you want a picture update, then come back in ~one week.

As some of you may have guessed, I tore down the old scape (I still love how the scape looked at its prime even though my camera wasn't good enough to capture its beauty) as the hitchhiking Java moss took the whole tank over. Partly my fault for not giving the tank the attention it needed, but there was no way for me to remove the Java moss without tearing down the scape anyway, since it intermingled itself in with the Mini Pelia, which also happened to be the plant it hitchhiked with.

As such, that means all my mini microsword is long dead due to light starvation, and it seems no one sells mini microsword nowadays. This isn't all that shocking since I was one of the very few selling it back in 2010/2011. Still, it's a shame as I found that plant to be excellent and wouldn't mind using it again.

But, thankfully, I have quite the stockpile of Anubias nana petite; a plant that I also have a slight affinity for, as some of you know. So, the new 2.5 gallon scape has Anubias nana petite as its main plant with Fissidens as a forground carpet. Simple, easy, and maintenance free, at least I hope. Equipment is the same: Coralife 18w fixture (running one bulb at 9w), Red Sea Nano filter, Aquasoil Amazonia II Powder, and petrified wood from my old 10 gallon scape. I would love to instead use a Mini S tank but I can't get myself to spend the $60 for one. Maybe one day...

I'll hopefully have some pictures of the new scape in about a week. I think it came out quite nicely for the five minutes that I spent creating it. The fauna will be a CPO and maybe some amano shimpies that will likely crawl out and die within a month.
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