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Originally Posted by deadfrog View Post
Thanks. Yes, the AC was a great investment, I think also. So, what I ended up doing was the following:

1. Fill a container with tank water, enough to use as a rinse pod.

2. I cut the cartridges inside the container with tank water but only on the part that had the zeolite, the bottom portions were carbon and probably expired at this point. I threw in the zeolite, some sponge material from the cartridge and the plastic that housed the zeolite into a media bag and stacked that atop the AC30 case, followed by EHEIM Substrat Pro, and sponge included with AC.

3. Rinsed the new AC30 tubing in tank water

4. Started it up... and now I am going to wait about an hour or two and check levels tonight.

I am loving the flow output from my new AC30 in a 10 gal.
Sounds good but the extra sponge on top seems a little redundant. You can go sponge>other sponge>all your old zeolite stuff>eheim stuff.
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