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Today I received my very first GBR after much anticipation. I drop bits of water into his store bag bit by bit while acclimating him/her. Then I gently opened the bag thinking he'd swim out when he felt comfy. He went up and pecked my finger as I was opening the bag (love!) then I gave my rainbows a tubeflex cube while I waited and he zoomed out of the bag to eat. I was freaked out! He ate so fast worms were coming out of his gills and he was coughing water and gasping! Finally he did a backward sneezing and the worms dislodged and were then eaten again. Next he went straight over to the bubbles from our CO2 and played with them, biting the loose bubbles.

I already love this little guy way more than my other fish. Even my super colorful rainbows or my red platy named Cumberbatch.
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