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Qustions on new small container pond

I have a small 50 gallon container pond on my deck. I used a stainless steel stock tank I picked up at tractor supply. I would have gone for the 100 gallon if I thought my deck could handle it but the 50 works nicely. I have a shubunkin and two fantails in there. This is my first year wintering them outside. I am a bit nervous considering the small amount of water they are in. I bought a floating heater that kicks in when the temp drops below 35. We just had our first cold streak in Baltimore and my water barrel was frozen solid but the pond had no ice anywhere. I do have a pump that moves the water through a gravity fed filter with some bio balls and floss into a waterfall to keep the water moving. The pond is in full sun so heat is an issue. Last year during our heat waves I was dumping ice into the waterfall to get the water temp around 80! Amazingly algae was never an issue. I also had a koi in there but he outgrew the pond very quickly. If you get a koi make sure you have enough space for them or a plan to move them to a larger space when necessary.

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