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Question Gold Barbs

Ok so here I am trying to stock my tank with a colorful school of fish. I thought I had it narrowed down to Gold Barbs, but then heard some rumors:

1. They eat this true? I have a heavily planted tank and really, REALLY don't want anyone munching on my babies...

2. They are fin nippers...I know this is typical of barbs but thought that Gold Barbs were the exception to this rule. Not the case? Or are they nippers, just not as bad as Tiger Barbs? I plan on getting about 9 for my 30g.

3. They don't do well with long-fin fishes such as Bettas. Yes or no?

In your experiences/ opinions is any of this true? What are their general temperments? Already in the tank is:

German Blue Ram
2 Cory Cats
Golden Zebra Loach

They would be one of the last fish added other than some algae eaters when the tank builds up a bit of it...

Oh and one more thing, are they more shoalers or schoolers? Thanks!

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