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4 months later. I had two I ordered from died right away and the other is hanging in there but isn't "right." He lays on his back sometimes and I think he is dead but then the next thing I know, he is up on a tall lava rock -both of his pincers are damaged - one is just a pointer and the other doesnt open and close.

I just received 3 more from EDIT and they are much healthier and raring to go. I have them currently in a HOB breeder box separated in individual sections while they acclimate - one molted during shipment so I want to wait to put them in the tank until I am sure the one has had time to "harden."

I intend to take the not "right" one and put him in the HOB breeder box until he molts and hopefully his pincers will come in new. So, I am waiting on him to come out and do one of his "lay on his back" things so I can catch him and then drop in the new three.

I am curious what water perimeters these guys need. Are there supplements that need to be added to the water to help their molting and exskeleton? I feed them HBH Crab and Lobster bits that is made especially for crustations. Anyone have any additional information they would like to throw my way would be fabulous.

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