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1. So I noticed the plants were getting slightly yellow, so I diluted some of my ferts (kno3 & kh2po4) and I dosed another 1/32tsp equivalent. Perhaps I should dose more often than just once weekly.

2. The algae on my potted plant wool has been pearling. I hope that's a good sign??

3. What is the consensus on pond snails? I saw one or two and am debating removing them.

4. Which shrimp would be best for this setup? I guess I should check my pH. I'm leaning toward CRS. Any thoughts? I wish there was a simple cheat sheet with pics, pros/cons, compatibility, pH/environment, etc. Pls give some advice or point me in the right direction.

5. Any info on this little "pygmy"? honey gourami? Anyone heard of one?
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