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Can't find ANY Red Cherry Shrimp that are still alive in my tank

I have since cleared out a bunch of moss and tried to open up some surface area on the bottom of the tank for the cories to dig through. I have still working on getting the Dwarf Hair Grass filled in. I have restarted the pressurized CO2 considering I can not find any RCS, sigh...

Considering changing the driftwood and filling in the back of the tank with more plants. I also am thinking about taking down the moss wall..I gets messy fast and gets woven in among my other plants.

Did not have CO2 on last week and did not EI dose to see if I could find any RCS that may have been hiding, to increase activity levels ect.

Any ideas as to a school of fish to add to the tank? I was thinknig possibly pygmy cories, rummy nose tetra, or another interesting schooling fish to add mid-level tank activity.

Sincerely, Unikorn

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