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I am looking for the below fish so hoping you can help me out. The shipping would have to be either FEDEX or UPS directly to my work. The mail people only pick up packages from USPS at 7am so if something shows up at 10am I will not get it until the following day. However, FEDEX and UPS come directly to my work.

1. Four of the smallest cories that you carry.
2. Two regular Ottos...not looking for the Zebra ones since I have a tendency to gas these with Co2.
3. 10 Amanos (I would prefer the smallest ones you have)
4. 10 of the smallest best schooling fish that you have. Size and schooling ability takes precedence over their looks. Let me know what you recommend.

Please price it all out for me. It's also very cold here in Connecticut so a heat pack would be a must.

Thank you.
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