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Originally Posted by cobra View Post
Howdy Guys,

I have a question with regards to flow direction (before I put finishing touches).

To be sure: The flow (from the pump/filter) enters the top of the housing. It then travels to the bottom. Water enters the riser (PVC pipe) from the bottom and flows upward and exits the top of the housing.

Reason I ask, it seems that I remember posts (can't remember if it was here or another website) where DIYers plumbed it the opposite way.


That's how mine works. The output of my filter runs into the reactor, flows down and is sucked up by the pvc plumbed into the output. I can see how it might work the other way as well, and maybe even give a more even flow into the media. I just learned about the cerges design this way. I'm also not sure if there's any restriction on the housing working the other way, but I can't think of why there would be.

The way these things are built. I could just turn it around, with the exception of the t-piece that allows the air to enter the chamber. I'd have to re-plumb the other side to accomplish the same thing at this point.
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