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Originally Posted by somewhatshocked View Post
How large is your tank? What was the ratio of water to substrate (how much water and how much substrate?) were you using for your test?

That's not too much of a change. Especially if your KH is that high.

Though, you definitely should not be using pH Down in a healthy tank. Allow your tank to settle where it settles and go from there. Don't use additives like pH Down, which are just temporary chemicals that could end up harming your livestock.

What kind of critters do you want to keep in the tank?
125g I tried to make the ratio of water to substrate about what it would be in the tank just on visual basis so it could be off based on that. The fact that it didint really do anything after a week just seamed odd based on what I have read other people post.

I could get nothing to grow, fish or plants before I used pH down. Since then my fish have been doing well. I do it regularly enough with precise measurements of amounts each time I do a water change so the tank does not fluctuate (which I check frequently) Yes I would prefer to not use it but any plants I would put in it before would die literally as you sat there and watched it. Have not lost a fish in probably 9-10 months. I have platy's, turquoise rainbows, a rope fish, stripped raphael, small school of cories, bristlenose pleco, 3 pictus (enough caves for each to have one).
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