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Doug check this out about larvae development:

adults occur in salinities from about 0–18 ppt (Ryan, 1956) in estuaries; Rhithropanopeus harrisii can be found in estuaries and quasi-freshwater lakes with salinities as low as 0.4 ppt (Keith, 2006)

The mud crab, Rhithropanopeus harrisii has been found in 10 freshwater impoundments in Texas. Breeding populations were confirmed in eight of these reservoirs by the presence of gravid females, juvenile crabs, and zoeae in the plankton. Salinities varied from a low of 0.5 at Tradinghouse Creek Reservoir to a high of 3.0 at Lake Colorado City. A salinity of 0.5 is considerably below that reported previously for larval survival. Crabs were induced to breed in the lab at a salinity of 1.9 and hatching occurred at salinities as low as 0.5 (Terrence Boyle, Jr., Donald Keith & Russell Pfau, 2010)

Accordingly, studies show that they can develop to the first crab stage in salinities from 2.5 to 40 ppt and temperatures of 15–35 C (Costlow et al., 1966; Costlow and Bookhout, 1971; Christensen and Costlow, 1975; Rosenberg and Costlow, 1979; Morgan, 1987a; Laughlin, 1989; Laughlin and French, 1989a, b)

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