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As expected the eggs are gone, I don't think they are ready to be tied down by kids yet. That's good for me anyways I don't have a good school of tetras in there to act as population control yet, I don't have anywhere to put a butt load of baby angels, so I'm trying to avoid it.
As for tetras I have 13 rummy nose that have been quarantining for about a week now waiting to go in. The had a outbreak of ich so I've got the heat cranked right up. Can't see the visible signs anymore so only a couple more days of that. The rcs I have in there will be glad it's over!
Also I wasn't planning on it but I think I'm going to try and net my school of black neons from my 75 and put them in this tank. They will look great and since the rummys will stay mostly in the lower parts they will occupy the top half well. I'm going to have enough going at the bottom, need to mix it up I think. I'll post some pics once they are in.
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