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Check Valve & Co2 Tubing Question

Hey guys, I can't figure out whether I have a leak in my system or not, and if I do, I suspect that it would be the check valve to tubing connection that is leaking.

My tubing is 6/4mm CO2 tubing. Right now, I'm using the U.S. Plastics 1/8th inch viton check valves. My question is, should I go up to the 3/16th check valves, as 1/8th inch coverts to 3.13mm and 3/16th converts to 4.7mm.

Additional Information:
I'm worried about a leak because of how long it takes my GLA Atomic diffuser, with a built in check valve, to start up in the mornings at 1-2bps. I have to blast the needle valve before mist starts pouring out of the diffuser, and then I can my bps back down to 1-2 bps.

My atomic diffuser is, though, working and I am currently getting microbubbles out of it. Since I'm getting bubbles out of it, is that a sign that I don't have a leak?



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