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2 Month update!

A few small changes and some filling in.
Fish: First off no fry made it in my Rams first attempt at breeding. No worries I have heard it can take a couple of tries. I lost the third Sparkling Gourami but the two that remain seem very happy and chose to return the second Bolivian Ram female(after the others paired up).
Plants: I chose to split the clumps of DHG a little more. I am starting to get impatient with it though, if it doesn't start to spread soon I may need to try something new. I moved a couple of Argentine Sword plants and like their location now. The Java fern and moss are looking good. My favorite plant right now is my Bacopa Carolina (from Petsmart). Let me know what you think.

Main @ 2 months


Bacopa Jungle

Moved Argentine Swords

Drift w/ Java fern and moss

Side view

Bolivian Rams


Sparkling Gourami


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