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Originally Posted by @marko@ View Post
on a 10 gallon, perhaps one of the mini canister filters would be best. you could stick the intake on one side, and outtake all the way on the other, and the water would have to pass through all the chambers. you may need to break up the current from the outtake for that one betta though.

Well, you have a great tank, and it works ! I've considered a mini-canister (Like a Rapids Mini) and thought about running a DIY spraybar the whole length. The spraybar itself wouldn't be hard, getting the holes calibrated would be tough. Maybe a "reverse" spraybar for the return..? I did see a setup on a 10 using 2 AC 20s. It was neatly done, I love my ACs (I run a 50 and a 20) and they work well. On the other hand, they do push a lot of current, and they look...well, functional, lol. As this tank will on display, was hoping for an elegant look(maybe 3 Mignon 150s..?) but bottom line is price and health of the fish. Anyway, subscribed! Looking forward to reading your updates from time to time

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