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Wow, that stuff seems perfect.

Might be a bit trickier to feed than live. I'd imagine that dead brine shrimp nauplii sinks to the bottom of the tank (while crab larvae is pelagic) and there could be a risk of overfeeding?
But with some sort of water circulation, perhaps a smallish rearing tank with air stone, it could be made to work?

In the article on rearing crab babies I mentioned earlier, they used a rearing tank with quite a small footprint and an airstone, to keep everything moving and not collecting to the bottom. They did use live brine shrimp, though.
Daily water changes, clean water. Brackish, at 1,006 or so, for Sesarmas.

Since these are mainly found in salty waters, I would seriously consider adding a bit of salt for the eggs/babies...
On the other hand, these crabs seem to be extremely prolific and you'll probably get more chances to try it out later.

Keep us posted.

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