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Originally Posted by Wayne Dwops View Post
i don't feel like doing that ok, I am lazy as well as stupid. I linked my dad to the posts Primer on Pressurized CO2 and how to build a regulator posts though and it looks easy as balls to man who has 40 years of engineering experience. But I am still going to get the Hagen kit, for $30 it will get me started, but I am just wondering how I keep the PH/GH stable? I would like the PH to no lower than 7.2...GH I want to keep at 7 and KH I don't want to go any higher than 4. Will it effect TDS? It could stand to be much lower, seeing as how it's at 332 right now and I think that's what's been killing my cories because my water is otherwise pristine.
You could probably control the the ph, gh, and kh by keeping precise track of how much yeast goes into each batch as well as the amount of sugar and water too. You would need to keep a journal with lots of testing and recording in order to accomplish this.

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