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Seth's 72g low tech "the reject tank"

Originally Posted by crazydaz View Post
I think that it looks great, Seth!! Both tanks are coming along very, very well and I especially like the system on the right.

I would add some other plants instead of adding sand. It's hard to keep clean and overdone in this hobby in my opinion. Try a foreground of Marselia minuta, or get some of that "true" Sagittaria sibilants that Aaron is selling right now. That would be a nice bright foreground that would probably do well for you!
I know the sand may be overdone, but I believe there is a good reason for that. It looks nice and is easier to maintain than foreground plants,especially in a low tech tank with diggers. The diggers are the main reason I'm considering sand. I have two geophagus(earth eaters) an one black ghostknife. The Eco complete is not very nice to them. I'm hoping if I added the sand they would prefer to dig in that area and leave my plants alone.
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