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Originally Posted by Wayne Dwops View Post
sorry i read the primer to PRESSURIZED co2. See, I am an idiot. Like I said I don't really get how pressurized CO2 works. I mean I get it, but I don't get the system. I see these "all in one" kits but they never seem to actually contain everything. Is there an easy kit that is recommended? I really don't want a huge fancy set up for my small tank..
Your not necessarily an idiot for not understanding. It is kind of complicated at first. There are really only a couple of main parts to it

The Tank - Holds your liquid co2. They come in two styles, Paintball and full size. A paintball tank uses an ASA fitting to go to the regulator and can be filled at almost any paintball field. A full size tank is normally referred to by how many pounds of liquid co2 it holds (10 pound tanks are pretty common) Full size tanks use a fitting called a cga-320 valve.

Co2 regulator - changes the pressure from 800psi in the tank down to a more comfortable "working range" of 0-100psi

Bubble counter - Not really required but it helps you dial in your flow. Let's you see how much is going into the tank in an easily measurable way.

Needle valve - Allows you to fine tune your flow coming from the co2 regulator before it gets to the fish tank.

Solenoid - Allows you to turn on and off the flow of co2 using electricity. It can be hooked up to a timer allow the co2 to be turned on and off with the lights.

Those are the basic parts of the system.

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