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Safe T Sorb lowered GH but not KH?

So I am in preparation for switching out my substrate with Safe T Sorb.

I tested my water today to compare Tap, STS & Tank.

I thought from previous post about STS that it will lower the KH but not mess with the GH, well mine didn't really do anything to KH but lowered the GH by 1. I let the STS water absorb for a week, does it take longer for it to take effect? It did lower the pH a little though.

KH 17 (300ppm)
GH 3 (50ppm)
pH 8.5

KH 17 (300ppm)
GH 2 (30ppm +/-)
pH 8.2

KH 17 (300ppm)
GH 3 (50ppm)
pH 7.4 (use pH down and co2)

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