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Originally Posted by driftwoodhunter View Post
Anthony, can you please tell me the difference between nitrification and denitrification? I know I have links that explain this somewhere, but I am feeling so yucky after being out in the cold today that I can't think straight. For the life of me I can't remember what denitrification is...thanks!

PS - congrats again on moderator, in case people haven't noticed!
Nitrification is the process of converting ammonia to nitrates, and requires an aerobic environment.

Denitrification is the reverse process; converting from nitrates to nitrogen gas.

That is the general gist of things. There are some bacteria that can carry out more/less steps of each pathway and/or carry the process further (i.e. all the way to nitrogen gas rather than just nitrite, etc).

Also, thank you for your kind words. I look forward to making TPT an enjoyable experience for everyone.


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