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AS an update, i have learned that 2.5ml of ammonia will give you about 4ppm.

And for fun a few pics of my tanks. (cell phone shots, will take better ones later!)

The "main" origional tank. Currently housing 4 neons, 12 cpds a nerite snail and 10ish pumpkin shrimp

My Second breeding/"love shack" tank, now housing 10ish PFR shrimp and 10-15 fry!

It made me laugh when i lifted up the light and saw the nice coating of algae over the edge directly under it and the filter rocks.. but i'm sure its some how beneficial so it can stay for now.. (at least while the fry are there)

3 tanks that are currently cycling, will be a shrimp/fry tanks.
providing they finish cycling soon i may have 12 yellow shrimp moving into one of them next week.

I will probably do some re-scaping later as i prefer the natural look.. but for now i decided to use some of the ornaments that came with the tanks.

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