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Originally Posted by dougolasjr View Post
I plan on keeping them in freshwater. They have living colonies in fresh and brackish waters so I figured they might be okay. Not sure what live food I could raise or buy. Do you think freeze dried brine shrimp would work.
All freezedried brine shrimp I've ever bought has been "adult" brine shrimp, so can't give an answer here.
The reports I've read on breeding crabs have involved newly hatched brine shrimp (Artemia salina) as a basic diet for the larvae.
Making Artemia hatchlings happen is really easy, eggs are offered in almost every LFS. No sweat!

Reports furthermore state that growing the crab larvae (brackish species) in brackish is not only more efficient, but also easier, because brine shrimp eggs actually hatch at the same levels of salinity that the crab larvae is comfy in...

I spent an hour trying to find an article I read on the subject, but it seems to have vanished from cyberspace.
This one might be of some use:
Different species, I know, but I have a feeling there might be similarities to take advantage of?

Good luck!

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