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Originally Posted by jart View Post
Wow, great start. I don't really have anything to add... you seem to have done your research.

I'm not sure how your fern is going to survive using the DSM. Also, I wonder about the compatibility of your fish and shrimp. But, if you have some moss, perhaps the shrimp can hide there. Good luck and welcome to TPT.
Thanks jart, I had two weeks of boredom so I just lurked a couple forums, including this one, until I pretty much read every single journal haha. The fern actually seems to be doing well, I bought them at the local petco about a week or two ago just to experiment with emersed set-up and grew them in dollar tree trays. They sent out new leaves after I trimmed a couple damaged ones and there's noticeable root growth, so I think they'll be fine.

Originally Posted by l8nite View Post
Definitely Ludwigia Repens, not sure about the crypt - there's a good picture here:

My dad graduated from OSU, and I was born in Corvallis Go Beavers!
Thanks for the confirmation, I had the hardest time trying to confirm it myself. Ok, the crypt is definately not C. Parva, the leaves are similar but the stalks itself isn't. My crypt has skinnier, showing light green when young but turned reddish when more mature. I'll take closer a photo later today. Haha, it's a nice town, I like Corvallis Go Beavers!
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