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Originally Posted by Option View Post
I've heard this theory before. It's interesting b/c it begs the question....why doesn't the hormone circulating in the water also affect itself?
It is not a theory. Tests have shown that many young fish do this. And the hormone doesn't affect the fish which released it for the same reason you are not attracted to your own pheromones, it is keyed to the individual, from what I understand it does slightly affect the growth of individual, but only to a slight extent as compared to what it does to others

If you wish to raise bettas as successfully as is possible you need to split them into groups based on size once it becomes some are out growing others, on top of this you also need to do regular water changes (due to the small tanks often used for grow outs I'd recommend 50%+ a week using aged tap water) in order to ensure the fastest rate of growth possible

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