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Originally Posted by wkndracer View Post
Really look at what you are buying folks when you shop!
The Prohibit product is vendor listed as containing 46.8 grams of levamisole hydrochloride activity so while the package weight is 52 grams the devil is in the details.

The pigeon dosage listed in the link is for consumption not drench. Charles lists a drench dosage based on weight and chemical reactivity selling a pure chemical without filler or inerts being added in the packaging. The math conversion wasn't hard for me so the savings using Prohibit made sense to me based on the number of tanks I have to treat every year.

Know what you are dumping in your tank.
Know you tanks actual water volume when dosing via solution.
I don't see anything wrong with Vermisol.

Here is a posting on SimplyDiscus about using Vermisol. Check out post# 5 and #11.

Also on Charle's pdf. Check what Ken wrote to Charles 9/26/96 on using the 7.5% solution.
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