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Originally Posted by wkndracer View Post
Really look at what you are buying folks when you shop!
The Prohibit product is vendor listed as containing 46.8 grams of levamisole hydrochloride activity so while the package weight is 52 grams the devil is in the details.

The pigeon dosage listed in the link is for consumption not drench. Charles lists a drench dosage based on weight and chemical reactivity selling a pure chemical without filler or inerts being added in the packaging. The math conversion wasn't hard for me so the savings using Prohibit made sense to me based on the number of tanks I have to treat every year.

Know what you are dumping in your tank.
Know you tanks actual water volume when dosing via solution.
What racer is saying here is my biggest fear with using a medication meant for another animal in my tanks. Those medications are produced for goats and birds that are EXTREMELY different from fish or a water column. Remember we are putting a chemical into their ENTIRE environment. It is like dosing your bedroom with a medicated aerosol.

On that note.... I dosed last night with the medication from Charles. Within almost 15 mins, I began to notice the worms being shed from one of my large males. The other male began shedding them a few hours later. The fish were not eating and an email from Charles regarding this made complete sense. As the medication takes effect, the 'knots' of the worm (where they attached) begin to pull away from the intestine. The fish probably have a feeling of complete satiation. With Charles instructions, I dosed the proper amount and will leave it in for 3 days with UV filter off, and any charcoal removed from filters (even though i don't have any). This includes Purigen.

Before dosing, i changed 3/4 of tank water and will do so again after 3 days. I then dose again using the same instructions after 3 weeks to kill off any of the remaining worms that may have hatched in the mean time as the medication may not completely kill of eggs

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