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Yeah, the formerly Aqualand in Hopkins is now owned by John, one of the long time employees. It is now called "Sea Level". He is a nice guy and the place is looking a ton better.

Another fantastic store is:
A Wet Pet
(952) 432-3474
14860 Granada Ave
Apple Valley, MN

Always excellent stock and they usually have a few rarities. I like them because they hold fish for a while before they allow them for sale. Also, they order reasonable amounts of fish so they do not get so stressed like the places that order wholesale quatities and jam 150 fish in a 15 gallon. Also, the owner is very knowledgeable. Unfortunately, not a lot of plants. But, I do not buy plants for LFS's anymore. I do not like going that transistion period when the plants convert from the emersed from the LFS's get them in to the submerged form. Also, you only need to but the basic plants once then yoy have too many anyways.

My last five plant purchases have been from other hobbyists off the Aquatic plant central boards. 4 excellent experiences, one bad one.
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