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tank is being picked up tomorrow AM, so expect some pictures of it in place of the 90 (then removed for safe keeping. Stairs aren't built yet, as of this second, so the section above the tank will be built this weekend. Once the drywall is in place and prepped for painting the tank will be put back for good and I can start laying out the filtration while we finish up the rest of the basement.

I've also been doing some research into kribensis as i've decided to look for keeping pairs of different varieties. During this research I've figured that the kribensis, at least the male, I have is not of the more common pulcher species of the pelvicachromis but is a member of the sacrimontis species. Which, really, just means he'll end up an inch or two larger than a common male krib.

It's difficult to tell, but in this picture, you can see some faint iridescence in his cheek, which the pulcher does not have.

So this guy may either be a hybrid of the two, or a full blown sacrimontis. I'll try to get some better pictures this evening if he is willing to grace me with more color.
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