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Worm in Cherry Shrimp tank?

I have a 5 gallon tank that contains nothing but hitchhiking snails and some cherry shrimp.

Since the RCS were the only livestock I was adding, and they all came from the same place (who can resist 3/$1?) I didn't quarantine any of them.

This morning, there was a worm swimming in the tank. The tank has been up and running empty (again, except for snails and plants) for about a month.

When I first saw the worm, I thought it was a cabomba leaf, because I have some purple cabomba that I'm fighting a bit of leaf loss on. Then I realized that I wasn't seeing a leaf at an odd angle, but a free-swimming worm.

The worm was about 3/4" long and white - very, very thin. I have a message to the seller asking about parasite problems he might have had, but the tank my shrimp came from has never held fish according to him. I want to add some kind of fish to this tank once it grows in some and the RCS are a bit better established, but I'm worried about the worm!

Any ideas?
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